KEVA - Contraptions Reactions

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Get the fun rolling with this unique set that includes traditional KEVA planks, special colored planks and a variety of unique pieces to set off chain reactions. Using the precision-cut planks, dowels and special pieces that securely stack together, builders can create tunnels, ramps and other contraptions that cause chain reactions like ringing a bell, knocking over a bowling pin and more. The possible combinations are endless in this educational toy that’s perfect for home or classroom use! Follow the included idea book or use your own imagination to build a course and then set the reaction balls loose. Will the pieces react as you predicted?Includes:KEVA Contraptions Reactions contains 178 wooden planks, 8 dowels, 2 reaction balls, 1 bell, 1 string, 1 bowling pin, 1 toy car and a 16-page idea book with project photos and quick-start instructions.• Basic building planks can be used to build endless configurations• Fosters creativity, experimentation and STEM education• Builds an early understanding of proportion, balance and basics of physics and engineering• Great for home or classroom use• Planks are made from solid, unfinished pine

Age Recommendation: Ages 7 and up