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Toddler Pants - Snugabye

Toddler Pants - Snugabye

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These organic cotton turned-cuff pants are a must have garment in your little one's wardrobe. Designed as a "Grow-with-me" product, these pants feature a fold-over adjustable ribbed hem cuff, so your toddler can wear it as it grows. It also features a drawstring waistband, which m makes them stretchy and dressing-time easy. Our organic cotton are natural fibres grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, or GMOs (Genetic Modified Organisms) and treated sustainably to create the softest, stretchiest fabrics. It comes in a neutral warm pastel grey colour, Folkstone grey, that will incorporate perfectly into the rest of your baby's attire and match any outfit.

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