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Keva - Bot Maze

Keva - Bot Maze

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Experiment, innovate and create with precision engineered KEVA planks and a variety of doodads and gizmos! Customize a pair of motorized bots using crafty items found within this one-of-a-kind kit. The more unique looking, the better! Then construct your maze's tunnels,doorways, passages and obstacles from the planks and connectors, or by gathering things you have around the house.

  • Contents: 30 pine planks
  • 8 half planks
  • 25 connectors
  • 6 tumble blocks
  • 2 motorized bots
  • 3 bumper balls
  • Pipe cleaners, googly eyes, feathers, pom-poms, glues dots, tape, string, felt and craft foam
  • For ages 7 and up

Keva Maker Bot Maze is the ultimate engineering tool. Watch in awe as your personalized bot zooms through your hand-crafted maze!

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